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Mon, 22/09/2014 - 17:52

Welcome to the beginning of “Tails Tips”. Over the past 23 years of involvement in the strength & conditioning, and in a professional sporting environment, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with coaches and athletes, at all levels that have continually challenged me.

We all become comfortable doing what we are doing but it is important to be challenged in order to confirm that it is still the best solution

This always leads to learning and developing trends and systems for “Creating Success”. Ultimately we are all aspiring to try and create success in whatever sport or personal endeavor we choose to pursue.

From these experiences my real passion has developed into helping individuals, teams, and organizations to set up systems and programs that ultimately assist to maximize potential. I am always asked for advice by young athletes, parents, schools, and coaches, in so many areas they have an uncertainty about focusing their time on, and “Am I doing the right thing”? My aim with this blog is to be thought provoking in order to challenge current processes and systems.

We all become comfortable doing what we are doing but it is important to be challenged in order to confirm that it is still the best solution, or with some small changes enhance your program. So often I see a lot of effort by young athletes, parents, and coaches, with the best of intent toward creating personal improvement for either themselves or the youth they are supporting. I have huge admiration for the passion, effort and intent, but get really frustrated seeing it channeled in the wrong direction through a lack of knowledge or assistance.

With the right guidance you easily gain confidence that what you are doing is the right thing at the right time for individuals and teams. It also gives affirmation that you aren’t in fact causing potential injuries in training and muscle imbalances that may potentially inhibit progress or increase the risk of injuries in the future.

The slogan posted on all articles Keep it Clean – Keep it Real’, can be interpreted in many different ways, as you relate it to the various topics and themes throughout the blog.

There are no quick fixes to create healthy and sustainable athletes. The aim is not only to progress performance and maximize potential, but also once there, stay there. With the right processes and laying down solid foundations throughout youth training, we can then enable our young talent the best opportunity to progress as far as possible, hopefully through to International level in their chosen sport. For those that have a passion for training and the fitness Industry, the recipe is exactly the same.

I really look forward to sharing ideas and challenging your current thought process. With some simple tips that we have accumulated and developed with many athletes, both youth and in professional sport, I hope to make more sense of your training environment to assist you to get the results you want. Keep your mind open as we are always learning! I have always tried to gravitate toward those that have skills or knowledge in any areas that will enable me to continue to learn and grow.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”

"Keep it Clean – Keep it Real"

Wayne Taylor "Tails"

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