RSA Men's Hockey Rankings Since 2003

Tue, 28/10/2014 - 16:31
  • South African Mens Hockey Team
    South African Mens Hockey Team

The South African Men's hockey team are currently ranked 12th in the world. They are currently ranked no 1 in Africa and have been for sometime. Since 2003, their highest ranking was 10th which was achieved in 2005. The rankings are based on a teams performance over the past 4 years and are updated after every major tournament. The major tournaments that are taken to account are:

(i) Olympic Games (including qualifying events)
(ii) World Cup (including qualifying events)
(iii) Champions Trophy
(iv) Champions Challenge
(v) Continental Federation Championships (including qualifying events)

 We take a look at the SA Mens ranking positions since 2003.

2014 12th
2013 12th
2012 12th
2011 11th
2010 12th
2009 13th
2008 14th
2007 13th
2006 11th
2005 10th
2004 12th
2003 13th

Results From Major Tournaments

Summer Olympics

Year Placing
1996 10th
2000 DNC
2004 10th
2008 12th
2012 11th

World Cup

Year Placing
2002 13th
2006 12th
2010 10th
2014 11th

Commonwealth Games

Year Placing
2002 4th
2006 8th
2010 5th
2014 5th

African Cup for Nations

Year Placing
2000 Champions
2005 Champions
2009 Champions
2011 Champions
2013 Champions

Hockey Champions Challenge

Year Placing
2001 2nd 
2003 3rd
2005 5th
2009 5th
2011 3rd
2012 7th

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