Team Profile: Affies Netball Rewrites History

Mon, 18/08/2014 - 10:38
  • AHMP after their win at this year's Netball Nationals
    AHMP after their win at this year's Netball Nationals

Under the Coaching of René De Klerk and Management of Bertus de Klerk the team has prospered and continues to reach new heights. René and Bertus decribe their past and present seasons with the Affies netball team, and also explain what makes their side one of the best in the country.

2013 Record

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
1876 868

2014 Record

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
1654 791


116 116 0 0 3530 1659 1871

Can you describe your road to the final during the national tournament? What was your toughest team and how were the players prepared going into the tournament?
We prepared very thoroughly making sure that we know everything about every team. We thought the first game that we played against Sentraal was the main game, it was the toughest game, we shouldn’t be in the same pool, it’s a dangerous team. We respect them a lot, we played against them during the year and we only beat them with 4 points. And Stellenberg for us we thought was also a team to beat, and all the other teams. We don’t take any team for granted, we really respect each and every team and focus on the specific team that we had to play the next round.

the final will be the 116th  game this year and that will rewrite the record books.

What was your record during the tournament? How many wins losses draws did you go through?
We never lost. The Affies team in 2009 and 2010, the Affies team at that stage played 115 games without losing, under the same Coach (Rene De Klerk) and Team Manager (Bertus de Klerk). That was a record that we chased and we knew there was an extra game this year that we did play and we realized that if we reach the final (Nationals), the final will be the 116th game this year and that will rewrite the record books.

So you rewrote the record books this year?
Yes we did, that was the 2013 and 2014 seasons so it’s over the two year period season that we accumulated the wins the same as in 2009 and in 2010.

the kids they want to win and they strive for the utmost and that is the winning formula.

How have you guys kept up your winning record and the winning culture at your school and in your team?
We do that with discipline, and discipline in the right sense of the word. If you're disciplined to train at certain times, you do the training as you had to do it, you eat what you have to eat, you practice what you have to practice, and you do your hard work, and that counts up to the success formula. And the kids you know they want to win and they strive for the utmost and that is the winning formula.

And besides that record of 116 games without a loss, are there any other records that you guys have broken this season?
Ja well we broke all the records. The coach says she is now 7 years with Affies, in that seven years she has won the Nationals trophy four times. She was once in 2001 with Waterkloof and she won that again so her team's names are now 5 times on that trophy, and no other team or coach can say that. She is phenomenal with that.

What qualities do you think set your team apart from the rest of the country?
They are very disciplined, they work very very hard and we are very fit. You know with the Wildeklawer championships the top 12 schools in SA are competing in the Wildeklawer and we won the semi-final with 4 points, and in the final 5 points, that was the winning margin. And after this July holiday and coming back, the smallest margin of a win was 10 points for us. Even in the final beating Waterkloof 25 – 13 is a phenomenal achievement for a final; it’s normally not that big. So that makes a big difference, the fact that we are very fit and focused.

Can you tell us a bit more on your players and your captain Rolene Pienaar?
Yes I can tell you a lot abut the players. First of all if you start with Annerine Snyman, she was last year U17 and she was in the U17 SA National Squad. She didn’t want to take it up this year into the national squad cause she wasn't getting recognition, she didn’t get a sweater, not a T- shirt, the only thing is she was emailed to say that she was in the squad. So they don’t look after their children. there were no games played, nothing, and […] and she herself said that’s a waste of money trying to achieve that.

Jeante Strydom, she is our best player. She is very committed

Was this last year?
Yes, if she’d gone for it she was going to reach it again cause she’s the best goal shooter in the country in a school environment at this stage. And this year Jeante Strydom, she is our best player. She is very committed - she’s in the SA School team, and again they announced a SA School squad but no games played, no recognition, no sweaters no nothing to show that they have achieved that achievement. They choose a squad of 35 children and they take that as a development squad so it’s a waste.

But the other girls in the team, Mirizanne MInaar our goalkeeper, she is very good. From U11 she was in the Gauteng teams and unfortunately this year they didn’t choose her and we couldn’t understand it, but yes she's very good. As well as our goal attack she's vey good, Azille Nel, and they didn’t choose her as well! and Rolene Pienaar who's our captain, but I think that the other ladies were just as good to be chosen as players for Gauteng.

What were your goals for the team before the season began and what are your goals now going forward with the team?
Our main goal was to be the national champions. This team was a young team, last year they were U17 and they were the national champions last year. The previous year they were U16 and they came third in the country. So our achievement this year was to keep our national championship flag running and yes going forward we have a young team. 5 of the girls that were in the first team are touring with the first team and the coach has already spoken to a lot of people. She's working already for 3 or 4 years with other players that are able to step up to the plate to be taken up into the first team. So Affies will always be a factor that people have to look at.

Affies 1st Netball Team

No Player Height
1 Roelien Pienaar (Kaptein) 1.78
2 Marizanne Minnaar(O/Kaptein 1.83
3 Annerine Snyman 1.87
4 Azille Nel 1.76
5 Jeanté Strydom 1.83
6 Christelle Kearney 1.68
7 Lara de Vaal 1.71
8 Lize Nel 1.70
9 Mieke Landman 1.76
10 Mirna van Huysteen 1.76
Coach René De Klerk  
Team Manager Bertus De Klerk  

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