One on One with Annerine Snyman

Mon, 04/08/2014 - 09:36
  • Annerine Snyman at the Wildeklawer tournament
    Annerine Snyman at the Wildeklawer tournament
  • Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool win the Netball National this past weekend
    Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool win the Netball National this past weekend

Annerine Snyman, one of the most talented netball players and goal shooters in the country, modestly talks about her ability and achievements. Snyman lets her actions do the talking. Annerine Snyman is part of the prolific record breaking and unbeaten Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool (Affies).

Snyman points out that her success because of her team, coaches, and parents. She comes from a sporting background as her brother RG Snyman played SA Schools rugby in 2013. Annerine continues to excel in netball and is keen to continue her career in netball. Snyman also touches on the countries development or lack thereof in netball.


Name Annerine Snyman
DOB Dec 3 - 96'
Weight 75kg
Grade 12
Height 1.88m
Total Goals 2804 out of 3014 attempts - 93%
1st Team Caps 116 unbeaten
Primary School attended Hennopspark Primary Schoool
High Schools attended Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool
Sports Played at school Athletics & Netball

Achievements and awards

  • SA Schools Team  in U17 2013
  • Best Goal Shooter in GP 2013
  • Best Goal Shooter in  2013
  • Wildeklawer Best Shooter 2014

Can you describe your netball season this year?
Annerine Snyman:
Amazing, we’ve played 53  games this year and we’ve won them all. But it's my team and God that have been the reason for it so yes its been amazing.

What are the main things that you can point out that you’d say have made you guys successful?
Annerine Snyman:
Yes our coaching and hard work and just the will to fight and to succeed, yes we have a wonderful Coach and team manager and a support system. So everything is good.

You guys at Affies have had a good and consistent team for many years now, why do you think that is?
Annerine Snyman: I think its because from grade 8 we were taught the right skills and the basics, so when we get to the level of first team we can play at that level, we can keep up to that and we can be successful. So I think it’s the right coaching and the will do it because everyone wants to be successful and wants to win.

What school has been your biggest competition this year and why?
Annerine Snyman: This year it’s probably Sentraal because they have a really good team as well as tall girls with a lot of skill and speed so yea, Sentraal.

Did you guys beat them?
Annerine Snyman: Yes we beat them this morning (Friday 1st Aug) and at the Wildeklawer tournament, I think at the Semi - final.

What was the score this morning?
Annerine Snyman: 30 – 18

When did you start playing netball and when did you start taking it seriously?
Annerine Snyman: I started playing Netball in Grade 1 or so but I didn’t take it too seriously as I was more of a dancer but I started taking it seriously in Grade 6.

What role do your friends and family play in your life?
Annerine Snyman:  A big role. My friends are my netball teammates as well, so they play a big role in helping me and being there for me. And my parents are the biggest supporters that I have.

What are your short term and long term goals in your life and for netball?
Annerine Snyman:  For short term, for netball, was winning Nationals this past weekend and short term life is matriculating, and long term netball we’ll see and long term personal life I want to go study and finish a degree. So netball...yes hopefully we’ll see with the netball.

Do you want to go to SA or do you want to play in varsity then try to move into SA?
Annerine Snyman:  Yes maybe but ja.

What do you plan on studying next year?
Annerine Snyman:  LLB or Drama, sorry I’m still deciding.

Are their any rituals you do before a big match?
Annerine Snyman: We pray and we have a scripture, like we read from the bible or we do a motivational thing. So we pray and do a motivational thing.

What’s your motto in life?
Annerine Snyman:  Through god all things are possible.

What’s been the highlight of your netball career and what’s been your low-point if you have one?
Annerine Snyman:  The low point has been in grade 10 when I had a knee injury and the high point was last year winning Nationals (Secondary Schools netball championship).

Who do you look up to? Do you have any mentors?
Annerine Snyman:  My parents, I look up to them most.

What do you think of netball in South Africa do you think it’s a growing sport?
Annerine Snyman:  Yes definitely, I think we are doing well in the universities with the new brutal fruit cup and I think with those players we can go a long way. Like with the commonwealth I think we did pretty well. We only need Jeante Strydom there...[laughs].

Who’s that?
Annerine Snyman: That’s our goal defence.

OK..Was she injured?
Annerine Snyman:  No no no I'm just kidding she's our goal defence [laughs].

Ohh she plays for affies?
Annerine Snyman: Yes haha.

Which university are you planning on going to next year and why?
Annerine Snyman: Umm TUKS or MATIES, TUKS because it's close to home and I like Pretoria or MATIES because its close to the sea. I like the beach. The ocean in Cape town... Stellenbosch.

OK Have you had anyone offer you any, like, netball bursaries or scholarships so to speak?
Annerine Snyman: Yes Stellenbosch, so that’s probably why I would go to Stellenbosch, yes they offered me, [..] it's in the process

That’s awesome well done.
Annerine Snyman: Thank you.

Do you think womens sport is getting enough attention and what do you think can be done about it or should be done?
Annerine Snyman: I don’t know, I think men's sport, especially rugby, is getting a lot of attention but I think if we had more games on TV like the Brutal fruit tournament, like hockey as well. I don’t see a lot of women's hockey on TV and I just think people should be made aware of the sport more from a younger age as well and TV coverage is also a big part of it because people can't always go to the game and want to watch it on TV.

Thanks so much Annerine and all the best for the future :)


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