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Sat, 15/09/2012 - 11:36
  • Ntokozo Vidima

Ntokozo Vidima, the standout player at this year’s ID Development rugby tournament, speaks to HSSM’s Sazi Luke about his recent move to Glenwood High School, his thoughts on rugby development, and why he enjoys playing netball.

HSSM: Ntokozo, tell me a bit about yourself, your background and where you’re from.
Ntokozo Vidima: Ntokozo Vidama is a guy from Clermont. I was born in New Germany and then moved to Clermont where I live now. I attended uHlanga high school in Inanda and Ziphatele High School in Clermont before moving to Glenwood.

“I was in grade 9 when I played for the 1st team”

HSSM: When did you start taking an interest in rugby?
Ntokozo Vidima: I started playing rugby in 2009 at uHlanga High School in Grade 8. My teacher asked who wanted to play rugby and I raised my hand, then started playing rugby from then on… I was in grade 9 when I played for the 1st team.

HSSM: Who were your role models growing up?
Ntokozo Vidima:  I used to look up to Pierre Spies, the 8th man for the Blue Bulls. When he plays I used to look at how he plays in the game and what he does.
HSSM: So you have shaped the way you play around him?
Ntokozo Vidima: Ja…
HSSM: Who has been an influence to you in your school boy rugby career?
Ntokozo Vidima: My family has been a major influence, especially my mom, and my coaches at club rugby and school rugby.
HSSM: Which of those coaches has been a big influence in your rugby?

“Discipline has been the first priority”

Ntokozo Vidima: It's Mr Bhengu, and coach Mayende from my previous high school.

HSSM: The first time HSSM met you, you were playing for the Durban Development team. Tell us  how you ended up playing for them?
Ntokozo Vidima:  My coach Mr Bhengu was the u18 development manager in 2009, so he said to us there are trials for Durban development and I had to go to them. I made it to the u15 development side, then I had to pull up my game to make it to the u17 side. I eventually made it into the team last year, and then I also made the KZN development last year.

“Development has helped me from u15 to u17”

HSSM: What has the development setup taught you as a player?
Ntokozo Vidima: Discipline has been the first priority; they taught me a lot about discipline. Our coach always told us to work as a team, and on individual skills.
HSSM: So you feel the development setup has shaped your career so far?

“[Mr Erasmus] approached me with a 100% scholarship to play rugby”

Ntokozo Vidima: A lot a lot a lot… Development has helped me from u15 to u17 and club rugby as well (Clermont rugby club).

HSSM: How did you come about attending Glenwood Boy’s High School as the last time we met at the ID development rugby tournament you weren’t a Glenwood scholar?
Ntokozo Vidima: Mr Erasmus approached me with a scholarship after the tournament. He spoke to my coach, and approached me with a 100% scholarship to play rugby for the school.
HSSM: Does it put any pressure on you to perform since you are here on a 100% rugby scholarship?
Ntokozo Vidima: No because the rugby season is over, but next year when pre-season starts that’s when the pressure will be on.

HSSM: What do you feel like you need to work on before rugby season next year?
Ntokozo Vidima: My fitness, and gain a bit more skills with playing rugby.
HSSM: Have you spoken to the coach about what plans he has for you next year?
Ntokozo Vidima: Ja, the scholarship is written that the 100% scholarship is for the A side, 1st team. [Mr Erasmus] told me that I must work hard on my fitness during the game, because he saw me [at ID development tournament] and I was not available when I had to cover the player.
HSSM: What about your size, because you’re not that big for an 8th man?
Ntokozo Vidima: Ja, I’ve been going to gym this week to work on my size. Mr Erasmus told me about the size, that I must gain size.

HSSM: Why did you choose to go to Glenwood? HSSM was watching you at the ID development tournament and you were the stand out player, I’m sure you were approached by other schools.
Ntokozo Vidima: My previous school used to play with the Glenwood 1st team, and I saw that these guys are quite good. So rugby at Glenwood is quite good, and if I gained a little bit of experience I could be like that.
HSSM: So what other schools were you approached by?
Ntokozo Vidima: It was Clifton, Durban Academy, and George Campbell.
HSSM: It’s quite interesting then that you chose to go to Glenwood as it would have been easier to get in the 1st team at the other schools.

“The development structure is quite good”

Ntokozo Vidima: Ja, in Glenwood you have to gain the first team and you have to be that good to be in the 1st team. So like you have to work hard in order to get in the first team, so that is what I wanted to do.

HSSM: Where would like your rugby to take you? As a career perhaps?
Ntokozo Vidima: I thought about the [Sharks] academy because when I was doing my career guide I didn’t see something that interested me. So I want to carry on with rugby and make it my career.

HSSM: What is your take on development as a player that as benefited from the development structure?

“I play netball”

Ntokozo Vidima: The development structure is quite good. But when making it to professional rugby there is still a lot of work to be done. Because you know what sir, the kids from development, they just play rugby for fun and when they finish school they’re like ‘I won’t play rugby anymore.’ Because when you’re u19 you can’t carry on with development rugby.

HSSM: How have you adjusted to the new school since moving to Glenwood Boy High School?
 Ntokozo Vidima: I’ve been mixing up with the first team guys at training and the academics as well, but the first week has been hard for me. I used to keep quite in the class, and not making friends… and I asked myself what am I here for, what am I here to do? But now I’ve made friends.
HSSM: What goals do you want to achieve while you’re at Glewnood?
Ntokozo Vidima: My short term goal is to make Craven Week; I’m going to train hard to make it. I thought I was going to make it this year but I got an injury.

HSSM: So what do you do besides rugby?
Ntokozo Vidima: I play netball.
HSSM: Hahaha… I’m going to have to put that in the article.
Ntokozo Vidima: Hahaha… I play eThekwini netball, the fitness between netball and rugby are the same.
HSSM: Besides sport, what else do you do?
Ntokozo Vidima: I chill with my mom… I’m a mommy’s boy.

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