1st Westville Basketball Hold Hilton at Bay

Sat, 20/10/2012 - 18:48
  • Mathew Dickerson, Phillip Price

Westville 1st team basketball fended off Hilton’s visiting 1st team today winning by eight points after coming from behind in the first quarter. Hilton looked like the stronger side in the opening minutes winning the jump ball and ending the quarter with the lead, but Westville’s centre height and well-practiced team play proved to be the stronger force.

Hilton's point guard, Thato de Lisle, did well to feed his offence against a solid Westville defence but the Hilton forwards often found Westville centre, J. Marton, instead of net. As the minutes wound down the power forwards went to work with Westville's Herman Tapamo adding 7 more points to the board while Hilton's Mathew Dickerson took a flurry of shots, sinking one with two free throws for four points ending the game 42-50 to Westville.

Leading Scorers

No Name Pts School
17 Herman Tapamo 14 Westville
15 Mathew Dickerson 13 Hilton
22 Thato de Lisle 9 Hilton

Ball Possesion

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Westville 61.2% 52.3% 53.6% 51.5%
Hilton 38.8% 47.7% 46.4% 48.5%

Coaches take

Westville 1st team coach – Pastor George Ogolla

HSSM: Quite a close game today, what do you think of your team’s performance?
Ogolla: I thought it was very well contested match, the guys we were playing against look small but they are very spirited. I think we didn’t have our best game, but I’ll take the win.

HSSM: They were a lot of missed opportunities from your side today, do you feel the score line could have been bigger had your team executed better?
Ogolla: Let me just say that our attention span didn’t stick for too long as I would have expected. And I think seeing our opponents being smaller, there is a likelihood sometimes we underestimated our opponents, and I think that takes away your edge. So the cutting edge just wasn’t there today.

Hilton 1st team coach – Mr Z Oosthuis

HSSM: General thoughts on the game and how it went for you guys?
Oosthuis: I think probably the better team won. I think basketball is one of those sports that if you put in the time you reap the rewards. My boys played with a lot of spirit, played with a lot of heart, and that’s all that I can ask of them. I think overall the better team won.

HSSM: Anything to improve on for the next game?
Oosthuis: It’s like any endeavour in life where you want to succeed or become the best, if you don’t put in the time on your own and effectively gym, you’re never ever going to be able to compete against guys who do. All I just said to the guys now is if we continue to improve every single week in terms of working hard on those things that we’re good at, and those things that we’re not good at, you know, what more could I ask from them. It’s just mainly about working hard and staying true to what we believe and just enjoying the game, I think that’s the most important thing.

Photo: Jordyn Mitchel
Pictured: Mathew Dickerson, Phillip Price

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