Northwood Let It Slip Against DHS Basketball

Sat, 03/11/2012 - 17:32
  • DHS vs Northwood Basketball

Northwood were beaten 35 - 51 at home by DHS after a hard fought game between the two sides. Despite leading for most of the first and second quarters, the Northwood team did not have enough to beat one of the best school basketball team in KZN.

Northwood got off to a good start as their strategy of allowing DHS to have the ball and then capitalize on the counter was working. DHS shots were not getting into the basket and Northwood was scoring on the break. Northwood’s Samba Zimu made sure his side got the rebound and ended up tied with DHS’s M. Sokhela for the most rebounds.

After some substitutions DHS started to find their way in the game. They began to make their superior possession count and were sinking more baskets. Getting themselves back into the game, DHS finished the half with a narrow one point lead as scores concluded at 19-18 at halftime.

DHS dominated the third quarter of the game making 86 successful passes out of 92, compared to Northwood’s 48 for 62. Northwood began losing possession carelessly as they tried to catch DHS on the break. DHS were also guilty of a few wayward passes themselves, but proved more clinical on the counter.

The home side were still adamant to not let DHS score as they shouted, “they will not get through” to teammates. Even though Northwood were attempting to make shooting as difficult as possible, DHS managed to move the ball well to get into great scoring positions. Both team’s concentration levels had dropped but it was Northwood’s that was most telling as DHS proceeded to stretch their lead. In the end DHS saw off Northwood by 16 points.

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Coaches Take

Northwood's 1st Team Basketball Coach, Nhlanhla Blom

HSSM: What are your thoughts on how the game went for your team?
Nhlanhla Blom: First thing, the guys had a positive attitude and it showed. Up until half time, we were actually in the lead. The positive attitude kept us in the game.

HSSM: Was it a tactic of yours to let DHS have majority of the ball?
Nhlanhla Blom: Yes it was one of the tactics because we knew that it was windy, so we packed our D, forced them to shoot, get the rebound so we could capitalize.

HSSM: Do you think you could have done anything differently?
Nhlanhla Blom: Well I would have loved to beat them but once again the concentration levels dropped as the game went on, hence why we were leaking baskets in the 3rd quarter.

DHS 1st Team Basketball Coach, Letha Zulu

HSSM: Not the most convincing win of the season, what do you think of your team’s performance?
Letha Zulu: Well, we have been having problems with the rain, so we hardly trained, we were really rusty. [There were a] couple of decisions that I picked up, especially with the guys that were starting, that’s why we had a poor, poor performance in the first quarter.

HSSM: You guys seem to out pass and out play Northwood throughout the game but you didn’t convert that into points, what do you think went wrong in the game?

Letha Zulu: That actually happened the time I was rotating the team by using bench players, that’s when they started having more steals, putting more pressure on the ball. They were a bit down and they saw many turnovers. The focus was not there because they were not used to being on the bench.

Leading Scorers

Player Team Points
S. Mthembu DHS 11pts
A. Ntombela Northwood 11pts
J. Kayembe DHS 8pts

Leading Rebounds

Players Team Rebounds
M. Sochela DHS 10
S. Zimu Northwood 10
A. Kolonji DHS 6


Team 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
Northwood 44/50 43/48 48/62 48/62
DHS 81/84 58/59 86/92 104/117

Ball Possesion

Team 1st Qtr 2nd Qrtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
Northwood 35.2% 42.6% 36.3% 31.6%
DHS 64.8% 57.4% 63.7% 68.4%


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