Kearsney Old Boys Hold Their Own in Old Cricks Match

Wed, 26/11/2014 - 16:14

The historic and traditional Old Cricks match was held at Kearsney on Friday.

Kearsney College Old Cricks won the traditional T20 cricket match by 27 runs against the younger Kearsney 1st X1 at the weekend. Played in typically misty conditions, Old Cricks captain Benji Hector was the top scorer, hitting 81 off 45 balls as well as taking four catches.  Both teams included provincial players – with the Old Boys also fielding some former SA Schools and County cricketers. 

Old Cricks:

  • Ricardo Gouveia (2007) SA Schools
  • Benji Hector (C) (1997) Natal Schools Captain and Senior Provincial
  • Greg Fotheringham (2003) KZN Amateur, Durham 2nd XI, Sussex 2nd XI
  • Dave Agar (2008) KZN U19
  • Craig Kirsten (2012) SA Schools 2011 and 2012, SA U19 2013, KC 1st XI
  • Matt Needham (2003) KC 1st XI
  •  Richard Pentecost (2010) KZN U19
  • Jason Lacon-Allin (2010) KC 1st XI
  • Kyle Connolly (2004) KC 1st XI
  • Dave Cameron (2003) KC 1st XI
  • Robert McGrath (2013) KC 1st XI 
  • Jordan Gregory (2013) KC 1st XI

Kearsney College 1st XI team:

  • Tristan Tedder (2014) KZN U17 (C) 2013, KZN Cubs 2012,
  • James Tedder (2015) KZN U17
  • Ross Koekemoer (2015) KZN U15 2012
  • Keegan Foss KZN U19  2014
  • Keenan Rencken (2015)
  • Matthew Carlson (2015)
  • James Stamatis (2016)
  • Liam Mac Court (2015)
  • Seb Pau (2015)
  • Jayme Crouch (2015)
  • Graham Hudson (2016)
  • Matt Watts (2016)
  • Francois van der Merwe (2014)
  • Luke Smith (2014)

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