Schoolboy Cricket Results: 1 November 2014

Mon, 03/11/2014 - 16:18
  • Schoolboy Cricket Results
    Schoolboy Cricket Results

Schoolboy Cricket Results.

*All Matches are 50 over games unless stated otherwise.

School Score School
Woodridge won by 6 runs 107(34ov) - 101(33ov) St Andrews 
Westering 174(43.3ov) - 176/6(49.3) Victoria Park won by 4 Wickets
Paul Roos won by 20 runs 274/7(50) - 254(49ov) Somerset College
St Albans won by 79 runs 264(49.3ov0 - 185/9(ov) Trinity House
St Davids Marist 198(50ov) - 199/7(39.1) St Benedicts won by 3 wickets
Rondebosch won by 2 runs 159(68.4ov) - 157(53.2) SACS
Hoerskool Monument 128(40.5ov) - 130/1(17.3ov) Menlo Park won by 9 wickets 
Graeme College 135(37ov) - 136/5(35.2ov) Kingswood College won by 6 wickets
HTS Bellville 47(17ov) - 48/1(9.2ov) Durbanville won by 9 wickets
Cambridge High won by 100 runs 205/5 T20 105/8 Port Rex
KES won by 3 runs 297/7 - 293/7 St Stithians
Potch Gym 244 - 328/6 Waterkloof won by 84 runs
St Johns 263/9 - 298/6 Pretoria Boys High won by 36 runs

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