Young Golfers Part 1: Platforms for Success and the Will to Improve

Tue, 29/10/2013 - 23:19
  • Greg Mckay of Kearsney College

Golf has become one of the world’s most pristinely prestigious sports, with roots in South Africa dating back to 1892, Kimberley. 

The two highly decorated likes of Bobby Locke (4 x British Open champ, 9 x SA Open champ) and the legendary Gary Player (Awarded the highest honorary award from the USA Golf Association: Bob Jones Award and was Inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame) played a significant role in South Africa’s golfing history.

Locke’s early success put South African golf on the map and Gary Player’s capitulated it!

Golf has become an apparent sport in the country of South Africa, with players from around the world seeking to become a Pro Golfer in the sport, we ask what platforms are made for SA golfers to achieve in the sport, and what are the benefits of staying in SA to improve your junior Golfing career?

Today you almost get junior amateur pro's with the amount of opportunities available. ~ Candice Satow

The growth of the sport and the opportunities at hand for players has seen talented golfers coming through the ranks.

I think many (young athletes) fail to acknowledge how strong the talent is out there and you need to be top of the crop to actually “make it.” Therefore a killer instinct is crucial and an extremely strong mental game. ~ Candice Satow

Alf Hopf and Candice Satow have been involved with Golf their whole lives and are now working on empowering young Golfers to achieve their dreams.

What platforms are set for youngsters to succeed in the sport of Golf?

Candice Satow: More and more academies are opening around the country where juniors can enrol and fine tune their skills as well as recieve an education.

Alf Hopf: The young golfer of today has unlimited opportunities through the SAGA (South African Golf Association) Junior programs throughout the year where as in my time as a junior was limited to clubs and sports.

What are the benefits of pursuing your Golfing career in the country of South Africa?

Candice Satow: We have an ideal climate especially in KZN where golf can be played all year round and that will only benefit a players game. There are less external pressures that come with trying to launch a professional career in your home country as opposed to a foreign country (getting used to climate, food, and visas).

Alf Hopf: South Africa as a small country has a record of producing sportsmen and sportswomen of an International level because sport has developed into a multi-million rand industry. We as a nation have the character and the will to be the best in the world.

What skills do you gain from completing the PGA course?

  1.  Golf Coaching skills
  2.  Business skills
  3.  Club fitting skills
  4.  Retail skills
  5.  Development skills
  6.  Sport science skills
  7.  Golf technology skills

Alf Hopf: The greatest enjoyment I received from the PGA diploma was the sport psychology as it helped me understand my weakness in believing I was not good enough, that was nothing but a mind thought that stopped me becoming the pro I really wanted to be. Today at a mature senior age I have no limitations in my golf and life.

The Physical I.Q Sports Academy  will work with a group of renowned professionals like Candice Satow, Alf Hopf, and John Dickson. Theses individuals have come together to empower young golfers by nurturing their talent. The Physical IQ Sports academy will join forces with the Durban country club where students will get unlimited golf access and a free membership. The academy runs a 3 year local and international accredited PGA academic programme in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

My wish is that from a young tender age schools should teach golf in all its facets as this sport is the closest thing you are going to learn to handle your life’s journey.

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Stay tuned for next weeks Golf installment where we discuss what challenges can a young athlete face on his road to becoming a Pro Golfer.

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