Westville U18 Indoor Hockey League Nears Semi Final

Thu, 06/09/2012 - 23:50

The Westville Indoor hockey league continued with three more matches today, allowing teams to move themselves up the log and ever closer to the finals.

First up were Glenwood and Westville who battled it out in a fast paced match with a surprise ending. Coming into the game Glenwood had only lost one match against Northwood, and Westville had only lost one at the hands of Kearsney. As expected, the match kicked off to fairly equal play with both teams assembling tactics and coming into their own rhythms. The first half came to an end with neither team netting any goals. The second half proved to be a different story as Westville punched through five goals. The teams were evenly matched but Westville made their opportunities in front of the goal count. Glenwood scored a consolation at the end through a penalty corner which Dayne Naidoo finished off. The Westville Goalkeeper played an important part in his team’s victory by making some crucial point blank saves. Final score 5-1 to Westville.

Point scorers:
Westville: Devon Kupferman(2), Brendon Hartslief(2), Brad Dougans(1)
Glenwood: Dayne Naidoo(1)

Northwood faced Kearsney In the second fixture of the day. The match came on the heals of Kearsney’s most impressive win of the tournament against home side favourites Westville. As Westville had beaten Northwood, it was looking like Kearsney were the favourites. Both teams were even with twelve points on the log setting the stage for a tough fixture. The game kicked off with Northwood making their presence felt early on and quickly setting the pace for their victory. Kearsney gave away seven penalty corners in which two were successfully converted by Northwood, whereas Northwood only gave away one. In the end Northwood netted a total of eleven unanswered goals. Northwood had been on constant attack on goal, and toward the end of the match the Kearsney keeper was pulled out resulting in three more goals for the Knights. Final score 11-0 Northwood.

Point scorers:
Northwood: Steve McManus(5), Matthew De Sousa(1), John McAlery(2), Dale van de Merwe(3)

The last fixture of the night saw Clifton take on DHS. With a loan player from DHS and no subs, Clifton played a good game holding the line tactically and building play slowly, but they were consistently countered by DHS’s fast and sweeping movements. DHS drew first blood and from there were able to control the game to score five goals to Clifton’s two with Taylor Kelly-Stack netting a late hat trick to secure DHS’s three points on the league standings.

Point Scorers:

DHS: Yanga Mthembu(2), Taylor Kelly-Stack(3) Papa Joe Koranteng(1)
Clifton: Bradley Wheal(2)

Standings so far: Westville and Northwood go to first position as they each have 15 points a piece. DHS move to fifth place and Clifton will move to sixth pending Kingsway and Thomas More results.

HSSM Teams to watch:

Westville, as they improve after every performance.
Northwood, as they possess players with power.
Glenwood, as they always provide a solid performance.

HSSM Players to Watch:

Westville: Jaques Bleeker
Northwood: Steve McManus, Dale van de Merwe
Glenwood: Daniel Sibbald, Dayne Naidoo
Kearsney: Bili Ntuli
DHS: Praise Ngenge

The next Indoor Hockey league fixtures will take place at Westville Boys High School on 13 September and will determine semi-final positions.

17:30 1st XI Thomas More VS Northwood
18:20 1st XI Westville VS DHS
19:10 1st XI Glenwood VS Kingsway
20:00 1st XI Kearsney VS Clifton  

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