1st XI College Avenge Loss to Glenwood

Tue, 12/08/2014 - 12:25
  • Tevin Kok
    Tevin Kok

What was an eagerly anticipated match lived up to the expectation and hype. A match that was full of passion and excitement in what was Glenwood’s final game of the season and leaving College with one more hurdle next week against Grey College in Bloemfontein.

Maritzburg College got a second bite at the cherry, after losing 2 – 3 to Glenwood in their first encounter at Glenwood.

The match started at the expected intensity and tempo with both teams going all-out attack, this was to be expected as both coaches enjoy a fast paced attacking game!

College drew 1st blood with a well-executed penalty corner deflection from Amkelwa Letuka in the 7th minute. The match had end to end action from both teams with Michael Labuschagne and Jared Cass the stand out players in the Glenwood outfit. Glenwood drew level 3 minutes before half-time with a drag flick from Keegan Hezlett. With the teams going into the break at one a piece they had it all to do in the 2nd half.

With the high intensity of the 1st half one would have thought that the performance would drop as players would start fatiguing. However, this was not a factor in this game the quality and intensity increased with College through right back Onke Letuka breaking the deadlock in the 39th minute. Glenwood had a few more changes but did not capitalize. College captain and midfielder, Tim Halle, increased their lead with a far post tap in supplied from Amkelwa Letuka who had linked up with one of the matches stand out players for College, Tevin Kok.

College sealed the clash with a 4th goal from David Small which put the game beyond Glenwood with 6 minutes left on the clock. Players worth a mention for College are Tyson Dlungwana and Paebo Lembethe, as well as left back Courtney Halle.

Photo credit: Smugshots photography


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