1st XI Maritzburg College Claw Their Way to a Draw against PBHS

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 09:52

In what was an eagerly anticipated return leg fixture where Maritzburg College won the 1st leg 9 – 1.

The College boys started the game well with a few early chances that they did not capitalize on.  In the 4th minute, Pretoria Boy's High School opened the scoring with a well-worked counter attack. 

They then led for most of the 1st half with College not showing too much promise.  With just 3 minutes left in the 1st half, PBHS scored again to go 2 – 0 up into the break.

College came out in the 2nd half a different team.  They scored 2 quick goals in the space of 8 minutes, these coming from brothers  Amkelwa and Onke Letuka. College continued to dominate the 2nd half, but found it tough to convert a total of 19 circle entries to PBHS’s 4.

This was a well contested match and College look forward to their next fixture, hoping to put a few more on target.

Final Score: Maritzburg College 2 - 2 Pretoria Boy's High

PHOTO CREDIT:  Matt Marshall

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