Semi Final Friday at Cape Town U18 Hockey Festival

Fri, 19/07/2013 - 17:01

The weather might have turned cold but the hockey remained hot, hot and even hotter on day two of the Cape Town Under-18 International Schools/Clubs Hockey Festival at the Hartleyvale, Western Province Cricket Club, University of Cape Town and Stellenberg High School pitches Thursday.

While there were no less than 142 goals on day one on Wednesday, with 25 wins and five draws in the 30 matches played, there were 26 victories and just four draws in Thursday’s 30 matches, with a total of 135 goals being scored.

There were some pulsating encounters on Thursday that drew widespread applause from the plentiful spectators who braved the wet, rain and cold conditions to support their teams - and the outcome of the remarkable 30 matches on the day revealed who would be the semi-finalists (boys’ competition) and in some cases the likely semi-finalists (girls’ competition) on Friday.

There are 12 more Group-stage matches Friday, made up of four boys’ matches and eight girls’ fixtures to make up the total of 72 Group matches, and many will have a bearing on Friday afternoon’s playoffs in the lower levels of the competition, although at the apex of the event the semi-finalists are certain in the boys’ competition.

Stellenberg as winners of Group A in the girls’ competition are already in the semi-finals with the three other semi-finalists not 100% decided yet, but certain to be established by 11.30 am Friday.

In the girls’ competition there is a virtual quarter-final at 9.45 am Friday at Western Province Cricket Club Pitch A when Zimbabwe’s Chisipite School take on Pretoria Girls’ High in a winner-takes-all Group B decider.

Chisipite head the goal difference count 8-7 at this stage so a draw will suffice on the GD rule to take them through to meet Group A winners Stellenberg in the first girls’ semi-final at 2 pm Friday at Hartleyvale Stadium.

The second girls’ semi-final will see almost-certain Group C winners Windhoek High School against 99%-certain Group D victors Somerset College at 3.30 pm at Hartleyvale Stadium.

The first boys’ semi-final on Friday sees Group A winners Rondebosch against Group B winners Wynberg in a mouthwatering Cape Town derby match at 11.30 am at Hartleyvale Stadium. The second boys’ semi-final sees Group C winners Kennemer Lyceum of the Netherlands against Group D champs Paul Roos at 11.30 am at Western Province Cricket Club Pitch A.

Entrance is free.

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DAY 2 Results


Group A: Rondebosch 7 Potchefstroom Gim 0; Rondebosch 3 Stellenberg 0; New South Wales Bushrangers 2 Potchefstroom Gim 1.
Group B: Wynberg 4 Paarl Gim 1; DF Malan 5 Windhoek Gim 0; Wynberg 6 DF Malan 0.
Group C: Outeniqua 2 Pinelands 2; Kennemer Lyceum 6 Somerset College 0; Pinelands 2 Paarl Boys 2; Kennemer 1 Outeniqua 1.
Group D: Paul Roos 4 Pearson 0; Como Secondary College 2 Parel Vallei 1; Pearson 5 Huguenot 2; Paul Roos 6 Como Secondary 1.

(Played 3 unless stated)

Group A: Rondebosch 9 pts; NSW Bushrangers 6 pts; Potch Gim 3 pts; Stellenberg 0 pts.
Group B: Wynberg 9 pts; Paarl Gim 6 pts; DF Malan 3 pts; Windhoek Gim 0 pts.
Group C: Kennemer (Played 4) 8 pts; Paarl Boys 4 pts; Outeniqua 3 pts; Pinelands 3 pts; Somerset 1 pt.
Group D: Paul Roos (Played 4) 12 pts; Como Sec 6 pts; Parel Vallei 3 pts; Pearson 3 pts; Huguenot 0 pts.


Group A: New South Wales Bushrangers 2 Potchefstroom Gim 0; Outeniqua 1 Pinelands 0; NSW Bushrangers 3 Pinelands 0; Stellenberg 6 Potchefstroom 1.
Group B: Pretoria Girls’ High 4 Pates Grammar 0; Chisipite 6 Pates Grammar 1; Pretoria Girls’ High 2 Rhenish 1; Parel Vallei 2 Rhenish 2.
Group C: Windhoek High 8 Como Secondary College 0; Bloemhof 5 Como Secondary 0; Pearson 2 St Cyprians 0; Bloemhof 4 St Cyprians 0.
Group D: Bellville 2 Bancroft 1; Somerset College 4 Paarl Gim 2; Bellville 6 Windhoek Gim 0; Paarl Gim 6 Bancroft 0.

(Played 3 unless stated)

Group A: Stellenberg 9 pts; NSW Bushrangers (Played 4) 9 pts; Outeniqua 3 pts; Pinelands 1 pt; Potch Gim 1 pt.
Group B: Chisipite 9 pts; Pretoria Girls’ High 9 pts; Rhenish (Played 4) 2 pts; Pates Grammar 1 pt; Parel Vallei 1 pt.

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