PSI Set to Enhance Schools Hockey with SAHA Membership

Wed, 12/11/2014 - 15:00
  • Simon Martin and Nick Ferguson of PSI
    Simon Martin and Nick Ferguson of PSI

Pro Series Indoor have been appointed as an associate member of the South African Hockey Association.

“This association with Pro Series Indoor [PSI] gives SA Hockey the opportunity to grow and develop indoor hockey in South Africa within schools,” said Marissa Langeni, CEO of the South African Hockey Association (SAHA).

“As a business, PSI offers highly competitive and well organised indoor leagues across the country and works closely with numerous schools.”

Senior indoor hockey remains exclusively a deliverable of SAHA provincial associations and as such the PSI agreement only encompasses school leagues, said Langeni.

 PSI associate agreement with SAHA is in place for the 2014 calendar year and renewable annually.

“The association complements our strategic objective of growing the game at all levels and through the PSI agreement SA Hockey is able to deliver a much-needed opportunity to the game of indoor hockey at junior level.”

Langeni said it must be noted that PSI is a private entity with associate membership of SAHA and as such, participation does not represent provincial or national representation and colours.

“However, we do acknowledge that schools may decide from time to time to give appropriate merit awards for pupils who excel at PSI,” said SA Hockey’s CEO.

Langeni says that the PSI associate agreement with SAHA is in place for the 2014 calendar year and renewable annually.

“We are looking forward to having a long and fruitful relationship with PSI,” Langeni added.

PSI brand manager and Boland region franchisee Bruce Jacobs said that together with SAHA, Pro Series Indoor will continue to work to improve and develop indoor hockey at junior level.

“It is our hope that schools see the value PSI adds to indoor hockey and the extent to which it develops young players’ technical skills for the outdoor season and that they would acknowledge the players’ achievements in PSI.

"It must be noted, though, that this cannot be enforced on schools, said Jacobs, who was the SA outdoor hockey captain at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

“Let’s focus and put our energies into our young school boy and school girl hockey players and continue to make a positive impact on their hockey development,” Jacobs added.

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