Creating Healthy Athletes with Wayne Taylor "Tails"

Thu, 18/09/2014 - 17:06

Wayne Taylor "Tails" has joined the YSN team and will launch a thought provoking segment on creating healthy athletes.​ Wayne Taylor's passion for aiding athletes from all walks of life has led him to the youth, one of the most important phases of an athlete. 

Tails will be dishing out knowledge for all those who are keen to get ahead and build themselves up to be better athletes. Wayne's ethos is "To Keep it Clean and Keep it Real", a message all athletes need to hear, and a subject Tails will explain in the exciting weeks to come.

Wayne Taylor “Tails" is a highly experienced strength & conditioning coach who has worked in professional rugby environments for both established rugby unions and newly created ones. He has a proven track record of developing elite athletes to international level in both New Zealand and South Africa. He has also applied his vast experience and knowledge through involvement with a number of other sports to maximise the potential of both male and female athletes.

“I have a passion for creating success. Although the details change, the recipe is the same for both Males and Females regardless of the sport!” 

Tails has accumulated his knowledge and experience over the past 23 Years of involvement in Strength & Conditioning:

  • Physical Training Instructor NZ Army
  • Rehabilitation of both Soldiers and Athletes
  • Training a vast range of Male and Female Athletes from various sports and back grounds
  • Involvement with the following Sports/Teams;
    • NZ Army / Defence Force Rugby 1991 - 2001
    • Manawatu ITM Cup Rugby Team in New Zealand 2001- 2005
    • Tasman Makos ITM Cup Team in New Zealand 2006 - 2008
    • NZ Blackferns (Womans Rugby Team) 2004
    • NZ U21’s, Junior All Blacks 2005-2007
    • Golden Lions Head Strength & Conditioning. Medical Team Coordinator 2010-2012
    • Instructor International Rugby Academy New Zealand 2003 - Present
    • Instructor Investec International Rugby Academy South Africa 2009 - Present
    • Consultant and Speaker for the “Christian Cullen Management Group” 2013 -Present
    • Consultant / Conditioning Coach to Pro Boxers and EFC Fighters “Team Smith” 2014

Learn more about Wayne Taylor "Tails" here

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