Bulls Make it a Trio From College

Sat, 10/11/2012 - 16:43
  • Reegan Smith

The Blue Bulls have yet again secured the signature of a College boy adding to their already talented roster of KZN recruits. Reegan Smith, the Marizburg College loose forward and captain, joins his teammates SA U18 fullback Jesse Kriel and twin brother Daniel Kriel in the Blue Bulls U19 squad. He mentions the lure of a super rugby franchise and the potential to study at a top sporting and academic university like TUKS as an offer too great to turn down. Has the lack of competitiveness in rugby at tertiary level in KZN dealt yet another blow for the KZNRU? This is what KZNRU president Graham Mackenzie had to say on the topic:

“it's the studies at Tukkies that are the issue”

"Well it’s not always the Blue Bulls; often it’s the studies at Tukkies that are the issue. The Blue Bulls are very aggressive with school kids around the country, and ja, we are disappointed because we would like all our best players to stay in the province, but we do have some challenges mainly because of academics at tertiary education."

With no Tertiary team in KZN having a representative in the prestigious Steinhoff Koshuisrugby Championships Varsity Cup, does the future of the province lie with the Sharks academy? HSSM’s Sazi Luke caught up with Reegan Smith to discuss his decision to join the bulls.

HSSM: Reegan, can you tell me about your decision for signing with the Bulls?
Reegan Smith: It started off with a couple of meetings in about March, just before the season. They said they watched me last year and were looking at me and that I must keep in mind that I’m being watched type of thing. I went off to the airport to go meet with them and discuss what it entails to be a contract player and that kind of thing, but didn’t put anything on the table. And after the Wildeklawer kicked off and we were on TV they gave me a call and said, ‘listen we are going to offer you a contract.’ Obviously it took a couple of weeks to finalize the actual paper work, but ja, that’s sort of how it went down.

“the Sharks have been talking to my parents”

HSSM: How much of an influence was it that two of your Maritzburg College teammates Jesse and Daniel Kriel had already signed for the Bulls?
Reegan Smith: I think we actually signed at the same time. It wasn’t really much of an influence that they were going. To be honest I would have gone where the best offer was really. There were a couple of other offers from smaller unions, obviously the Sharks have been talking to my parents, but I suppose it came down to the Bulls being the best option in terms of studying because I always wanted to study at TUKS, as well as it being a great rugby union.

HSSM: So was your decision to sign for the Bulls based more so on you studies than your rugby?
Reegan Smith: Not a 100%, ofcourse your rugby, […] you’ve got to look at the Bulls, their track record. If you go there you play super rugby; they have won it three times. It’s not like it is going to a smaller union where you’re probably going to get more game time, but you’re not really going to have the place in the lime light that you would with the Bulls.

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Submitted by Robin Swanepoel (not verified) on

Awesome article and Reegan deserves everything that comes his way, he has worked incredibly hard for it! A true sportsman and gentleman.

Submitted by Gungets (not verified) on

With a boy at College, I have found Reegan to epitomise the best of College. Along with Jesse and Daniel, the Bulls are fortunate to have retained the three. Wish Reegan the best, naturally hope that he will return to the Sharks at the first opportunity.

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