16 Standout Players of Day 1 Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival

Fri, 29/03/2013 - 11:28

Below we have assembled a list of standout players from the first day of the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival. Great work to all teams as players can only stand out with the kind of disciplined teamwork that provides the right opportunities to do so.

10) Tristan Tedder: Flyhalf (Kearsney College) - Total Points: 7

Tristan Tedder shows great composure on and off the ball, his tactical at goal kicking ranks highly.

15) Chris Lines: Fullback (Kearsney College)

Breaks the line and joins the backline well and also has a great amount of acceleration and overall speed.

7) Anru Botha: Flank (Framesby)

Anru has good ball carrying skills and has a relentless hard work ethic.

13) Selvyn Davids: Centre (Nico Malan) Total Points: 21

Selvyn displays electric pace and has good ball handling abilities. His integral part in the backline assists his team to tries. His kicking abilities are just as good and his composure and discipline is of a very high level. Selvyn is certainly one to watch now and in the future.

22) Stephen Rautenbach: Wing/Fullback (Grey College) Total Points: 10

Rautenbach stands at 1.89 and weighs in at 91kg, this makes him a force in the Grey College backline. Stephen is equipped with speed, composure and can go in for the crash ball if needed to.

10) Lungelo Gosa: Flyhalf (Selborne College) Total Points: 14

Gosa has a mean step and has good tactical kicking abilities. Gosa is also capable of breaking opposition backlines.

6) Rupert Kay: Flank (Glenwood High)

Rupert Kay is a good ball carrier and does well in crash ball scenarios. Rupert is also a good leader and is an asset for his team.

15) EW Viljoen: Fullback (Grey College) – Total Points: 15

EW Viljoen displays an excellent reading of the play and remains calm under pressure with consistently good decisions. His kicking is probably the strongest in the tournament as he fires his kicks from anywhere on the field with the accuracy and arc of a top soccer striker.

14) Leighton Eksteen: Right Wing (Outeniqua) – Total Points: 17

Leighton Eksteen is deceptively fast, simply out pacing many tackles by putting on more speed when it looks like he’s already running full tilt. And if he can’t out run a tackle, chances are he can out step it. On top of his running skills, Eksteen also has a solid pass (fired a dead accurate behind the back pass during the match against EG Jansen) and a decent kick.

12) Warrick Gelant: Centre (Outeniqua) – Total Points: 10

Warrick Gelant is surprisingly nimble for his size, out stepping opponents before turning on the speed for consistent line breaks.

11) Duhan van der Merwe: Left wing (Outeniqua) – Total Points: 5

At 1.94m and 96kg, Duhan van der Merwe is the biggest wing at the tournament. Coupled with speed on par with Centre Warrick Gelant, van der Merwe is able to break tackles and make openings where other wings would have to offload or go to ground.

10) Dewald Human: Flyhalf (Outeniqua) – Total Points: 5

Dewald Human is yet another major contributor to Outeniqua’s impressive backline with his excellent stepping skills. With ball in hand, chances are Dewald will dodge more than a few tackles before the ruck.

9) Johan Labuschagne: Scrumhalf (EG Jansen) – Total Points: 5

Johan Labuschagne is quick, shows great stepping and moves from stand still to full speed almost immediately. Though he could be suited as a wing with his quickness, his distribution and decisions under pressure make him an excellent scrumhalf.

13) Sampie Hearn: Outside Centre (EG Jansen) – Total Points: 5

Sampie Hearn is a strong forward with the stepping skills of a backline player. Hearn contributed not only to the scoreboard, but also to much of EG Jansen’s forward momentum.

20) Martin van Wyk: Utility Back (EG Jansen)

EG Jansen’s utility back reserve, Martin van Wyk, showed excellent positioning during the match against Outeniqua with a quickness to match or exceed many of the starting wings in the tournament. With this kind of skill in reserve EG Jansen is certainly a contender this year.

11) Dylon Fairbridge: Left Wing (Paarl Gim) – Total Points:10

Dylon Fairbridge impressed with his speed and stepping on day one, scoring two tries with one coming from a 70m run.

Photo via Kearsney College

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Submitted by Peet Nel (not verified) on

Hi, I just would like to highlight to you that the person you are refreing to No 20 of EG Jansen should be Martin van Wyk and not "Juan Botha" . Martin van Wyk was the player on the field. Juan Botha was on the side line as water boy. The description you have of Martin is pot on!!!

EG Janse parent in attendance at the game.
Peet Nel

Submitted by Robert Pace (not verified) on

Outeniqua have a formidable pack of forwards that set up the ball for a backline that can convert almost all the posession into points. The scores are a testimony of this. A hugely talented squad with exceptional coaching staff. I know it is still early in the season but I doubt if they will be beaten this year. They have definately not played to there full potential yet. An exceptional school that develop the potential of kids to their fullest.

Submitted by stefan janse va... (not verified) on

How many u17's start for outeniqua ? we played them when they where u15 and they looked unbeatable.Just want to know how they are doing now

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