Shooting For Gold

Tue, 07/08/2012 - 16:16
  • Joshua Cronje

KZN Shooting Trials

The KZN Coastal branch of the South African Air Rifle Association (SAARA) had its first shoot on Saturday when Glenwood High School, Maritzburg College, Weston Agricultural College and Hilton competed in the SAARA KZN shooting trials at the Hilton College Sport Centre.
“Having our own Coastal branch will allow us to have more competitions to sharpen our youngsters’ skills,” said KZN Coastal chairman Brett Jennings.
SAARA is the national controlling body for air rifle shooting in South Africa as recognized by the South African Shooting Sport Federation (SASSF) and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

“We had no air rifle nominations from South Africa for the London Olympics, but we’re quite close,” said SAARA chairman Ronnie Rawlinson. “The marksmen that are being developed fell just short of the SASCOC requirement. We hope to have at least two members shooting at the next Olympics in Rio!” At Saturday’s meet the inter-schools shield went to Maritzburg College, and Coastal school Glenwood High School shone with five gold medals (James Wylie, Justin Rutletge, Joshua Cronje, Devon Childs and Vaughn Torr), four silver (Rutledge, Wylie, Cronje, and Torr) and a bronze (Daniel Capelo).



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