Glenwood Swimmer Sets His Eye on 2020 Olympic Goal

Tue, 18/11/2014 - 16:39
  • Tiago Cordeiro
    Tiago Cordeiro

Tiago has contributed hugely to the Glenwood’s U14A Water Polo team. He is the leading goal scorer averaging 6 goals per match. He has shown incredible potential and has adapted extremely well to the coaching under Mr Scott Mantle and Mr Steve La Marque (Glenwood's Director of Aquatics).

 "The demands that he has faced in order to maintain and improve on his swimming and his water polo abilities has been enormous, but he has coped well under our Elite Sports Academy" said La Marque.

Cordeiro was recently selected into the KZN U14A water polo team to participate in the SA Schools Tournament in Johannesburg in December.

Sandy & Jean Paul Cordeiro, Tiago's parents. had this to say of his pursuits: "Personally, we feel that if it wasn’t for the Elite academy, Tiago would not be at the level of swimming and polo, that he is". 

Some information on Tiago Cordeiro from Graham Hill:

  • Currently ranked number 1 in KZN for many events in his age group
  • Ranked Top 3 in SA for many events in his age group
  • Has shown drastic improvement over the last year which I believe has a lot to do with the Glenwood Schooling program which allows him to concentrate on his swimming
  • As head coach of Swim SA I believe he has the potential to qualify for the 2018 Youth Olympics
  • In 2018 the Commonwealth Games are held in Australia
  • Tiago is hard working and committed
  • Always willing to learn and pushes himself hard to produce results
  • A plan is in place between Glenwood and myself to help Tiago achieve his dream of participating in 2020 Olympic Games

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