Westville Continue Dominance In The Pool

Thu, 28/02/2013 - 18:03

Westville Boys High has continued their dominance in the pool after winning the Durban and districts gala for the 6th time in a row. It is no wonder that Westville have produced swimmers such as Olympian Chad le Clos as they won the gala by a 41 point gap.

Their closest school to them was Glenwood Boys on 156 points. The win comes shortly after Westville won the Top 8 gala hosted by Maritzburg College. The other schools gave Westville stern competition in the pool with Westville not having it all their way.

Westville boast a proud tradition of being dominant in the pool which looks to continue as they take have consistently taken the number 1 spot in the gala's they've entered.

D & D Gala Standings

  School Points
1 Westville Boys 197
2 Glenwood Boys A 156
3 Kearsney 149
4 Clifton 144
5 Westville Boys B 81
6 DHS 78
7 Northwood 75
8 Glenwood B 43


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