Westville Do It Again at Top 8 Gala

Thu, 21/02/2013 - 18:52

Westville once again continued their top form as they cruised past their opponents in last night's Top 8 gala held at Maritzburg College. Westville won by a clear 60 points followed by Clifton who finished second on 185 points.
Clifton finished comfortably at second place as they were ahead of third place Hilton by 12 points. We will see who can contest for this years Durban and District Gala and who will be able to overthrow the Westville swimming force.

Top 8 Gala Results

No Team Points
1 Westville 245
2 Clifton 185
3 Hilton 173
4 Glenwood 145
5 Maritzburg College 126
6 Kearsney 103
7 DHS 67
8 Northwood 62

Photo via Westville Boys High School

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