Westville Reign Supreme at Glenwood Gala

Thu, 24/01/2013 - 16:23
  • Glenwood Gala

Glenwood hosted their invitational gala yesterday with Northwood, Kearsney, and Westville all attending.

Glenwood were victorious in the U14 age group thanks to some strong swimming from the junior athletes, a sign that bodes well for Glenwood’s future swimming.

The Westville Boys continued their swimming success, something they have consistently claimed over the recent years, by winning both the A and B gala’s convincingly.

Westville won the senior gala A event 32 points clear of second placed Kearsney. Kearsney clinched second place finishing one point above of Glenwood with Northwood ending on 33.

"A" Gala

Position Team Points
1 Westville 98
2 Kearsney 66
3 Glenwood 65
4 Northwood 33

"B" Gala

Position Team Points
1 Westville 103
2 Glenwood 67
3 Kearsney 47
4 Northwood 42


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