Profile: Glenwood Swimming Captain Dayne Odendaal

Wed, 29/01/2014 - 09:27
  • Dayne Odendaal

We Profile Glenwood Swimming Captain for 2014 Dayne Odendaal.


Name Dayne Odendaal
Nickname Dayno
Date of Birth 27 Jan 1997
Height 180cm
Weight 74kg
Sporting Goal Olymic Medalist
Role Model Chad Le Clos
Sporting Hero Roland Schoeman/Michael Phelps
what is your greatest sporting achievement? Being on the SA Junior National Sqad
what are your strengths on the sports field? Butterfly and Medley events. Freestyle on the side
do you have any rituals before you participate in sport? Listen to music and talk to my teammates
what are you hoping to achive with your sport this year and in which sport? I am hoping to either go to Youth Olympics or Junior Africa Games
U13 KZN Victor Laudorum KZN Champs
U14 SA Junior National Squad
U15 KZN Team for open water
U16 KZN Senior National Team/Silver Medalist 3km Open Water, KZN Junior Elite Squad
Open KZN Junior Elite Squad
Hobbies Surfing

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