DHS U16 Water Polo Tournament Final Standings

Mon, 13/10/2014 - 17:05
  • DHS vs St Albans @ the DHS U16 Water Polo Tournament
    DHS vs St Albans @ the DHS U16 Water Polo Tournament

Durban High School recently hosted its second U16 Boys’ Water Polo National Tournament, held from 10‑12 October.

The tournament saw participants from 16 schools from around the country from local teams including DHS, Clifton College, Westville, Glenwood, Northwood, and traveling schools including Grey Bloem, KES, St Davids, Affies, and Selborne.

The tournament saw 3 days of action packed games with all the teams putting in their best efforts. 

Full results can be found here


  • 1st St John’s
  • 2nd DHS
  • 3rd Clifton
  • 4th Selborne
  • 5th St Alban’s
  • 6th Bishops
  • 7th Glenwood
  • 8th KES
  • 9th WBHS
  • 10th Jeppe
  • 11th Affies
  • 12th St David’s
  • 13th Northwood
  • 14th Grey College
  • 15th Parktown
  • 16th DHS Colts


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