Central Gauteng Teams for the SA Schools Water Polo Tournament

Thu, 13/11/2014 - 11:08
  • Central Gauteng SA Schools Water Polo Tournament Teams
    Central Gauteng SA Schools Water Polo Tournament Teams

Boys and Girls Central Gauteng Teams For SA Schools Water Polo Tournament.

Boys Teams

No U19A U16A U15A
1 Themba Mthemu(Parktown) Robert Hardman (St John’s) Jadin Leca (KES)
2 Christopher Thurling(St John’s) Michael Stewart (St Stithians) Shadley Pather (Parktown)
3 Jason Pope(St Peter’s) Gabriel Baard (St John’s) Nicholas Brimacombe (St Stithians)
4 Craig Haird(St Peter’s) Matthew Edwards (Jeppe) Ethan Coryndon-Baker (King Edward)
5 Tristan Norman(Crawford Lonehill) Shakeel Kidd (Crawford Lonehill) Matthew Orr (St Peter’s)
6 Jason Chemaly(St John’s) Byron Ledllie (St John’s) Liam Savenije (King Edward)
7 Joshua Allen (Jeppe) Malcolm McCallum (St John’s) Luke Allan (Jeppe)
8 Ethan Hunter (St Stithians) Junior Ncapayi (Crawford Lonehill) Che Carpedi (Parktown)
9 Ross Rugheimer (St John’s) Jaya Curtis (St Davids Inanda) Liam Lecuona (St Stithians)
10 Aiden Macleod (St Stithians) Adrian Lonescu (St John’s) Daniel Klein (King Edward)
11 Hugh Ledile (St John’s) Jonathan Baker (St Stithians) Travus Gordon (King Edward)
12 Connor McCarthy (Parktown) Ashley Lyne (St John’s) Miguel Marais (St John’s)
13 Nicholas Markram( KES) Jonathan Stafford (Parktown) Jarred Breen (St Davids Inanda)
14 Andrew North (St Stithians)    
Manager Frank Ferreira John and Bridget Sheldon Colin Gordon
Coach Vlado Trninic Vaughn Thomson and Michael Young Darryn Campbell

Girls Teams

No U19A U16A U15A
1 Lenka van Wyngaardt (Roedean) Emily Cotterrell (Roedean) Daniela Passoni (St Mary’s Waverley)
2 Amber Penney (St Mary’s Waveley) Kirsty Fitzhenry (St Mary’s Waverley) Taylin Blues (St Peter’s)
3 Caitlin O’Shaughnessy (St Mary’s Waverley) Sarah Benn (Roedean) Catherine Hock (St Mary’s Waverley)
4 Emma Hardham (St Mary’s Waverley) Chesnay Havenga (St Peter’s) Anya Fries (Roedean)
5 Alexandra Bantock (Roedean) Emma Hill (St Peter’s) Julia Fleming (St Mary’s Waverley)
6 Melanie Niebuhr (Deutsche Schule) Ashleigh Bosman (Crawford Lonehill) Samantha Green (St Stithians)
7 Natasha Assenmacher (St Stithians) Jessica Penney (St Peter’s) Megan Hughes (Crawford Lonehill)
8 Megan Duffy (St Mary’s Waverley Lauren Harper (Roedean) Michelle Johannessen (Crawford Lonehill)
9 Dimitra Evangelidis (Crawford Lonehill) Eemaan Nassiep (Roedean) Amy Joubert (St Stithians)
10 Nicola Macleod (St Peter’s) Sasha de la Rey (St Mary’s Waverley) Bianca Prinsloo (St Stithians)
11 Andrea Maree (Roedean) Jenna Duffy (St Mary’s Waverley) Brittany Mackenzie (St Mary’s Waverley)
12 Zandi Nduvane (Roedean) Lace Hallendorff (St Mary’s Waverley) Tegan Baker (Crawford Lonehill)
13 Kirsten Graves(Roedean) Emily Matterson (Roedean) Nicole Watt-Pringle (St Mary’s Waverley)
Manager Etienne le Roux and Suzie Assenmache Jon-Marc de Carvalho and Mark Farmer Michelle de Souza
Coach Pierre le Roux Sandra Benn Kieran Paley

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