Clifton Retain Number 1 Spot in KZN

Mon, 15/10/2012 - 00:08
  • Clifton vs Kearsney

This year’s Top 10 KZN Water Polo Tournament final held at Clifton’s Aquatic Centre saw Clifton face Kearsney for the top prize. Kearsney booked their place in the final after narrowly beating Thomas More while Clifton saw off Maritzburg College for their spot. Clifton was dominant throughout the tournament having not suffered a single loss compared to Kearsney, who made it out of the group stages by virtue of goal difference. Having previously faced off in the group stages where Clifton won 6-1, Kearsney were hoping to upset the odds and beat Clifton in their own backyard.

The match was tight in the early stages but Clifton’s Nick Downes opened the scoring early in the first chukka. Moments later Kearsney were handed a 5 metre penalty. A brilliant save by Franco Conversano denied Daniel Du Preez an equalizing goal, and Murray Howard was next to add his name on the score sheet as he gave Clifton a little breathing room in the second Chukka.

Kearsney were attempting to get a goal back but found only a stubborn defence. Wyatt Edwards was in good form as he prevented the ball from getting to top goal scorer from the Clifton Annual Water Polo Tournament Daniel du Preez. He would be a heavily marked man throughout the game as he only managed to make 1 shot at goal throughout the game. Clifton would take a 2-0 lead into half time.

Murray Howard would get his brace as he scored in the 3rd chukka. Clifton now had a fairly comfortable lead over Kearsney who had shown much improvement since they went down 12-2 to Clifton in September. With a healthy lead, Clifton saw more of the ball making 97 completed passes compared to Kearsney´s 65.  Nick Downes rounded off a brilliant performance by the Clifton side when he got his second goal of the game through a brilliant back shot. Clifton were now assured of victory and dominated possession in the latter stages taking their possession rate to 58.9%.The final whistle went and Clifton were victorious and champions of the Top 10 KZN Water Polo Tournament. Kearsney took second place but can be proud of their progress.

HSSM's Mosa Matloga spoke to Kearsney's Coach Dylan Campbell after the game.

Hssm: What are your general thoughts on the game? What do you think you could have done better to win the game?
Dylan Campbell: When you play a good side it's always hard. We were quite in the game, I was happy defensively, conceding only four goals is quite good. I think our biggest problem was that we missed that penalty. Franco made a great save on the 5 meter. If we had scored that penalty, we would have been 1 all at the end of the 1st chukka and 2-1 down at the end of the 1st half which would’ve been a massive difference... When we missed that penalty we lost a lot of heart I would say, so to come back was a bit hard.

HSSM: Daniel du Preez was top scorer at the Clifton Annual Water Polo tournament. In this tournament he was kind of kept quiet, why do you think that is?
Dylan Campbell: Daniel was on SA rugby camp, he only got back yesterday in the afternoon, he only played for me this afternoon. You can't lie, everybody marks him. If you mark Daniel it's half the job done in beating Kearsney and Clifton did that. They marked Daniel exceptionally well and the problem is the rest of the players didn’t stand up, which they didn’t clearly.

HSSM: From the last time you played Clifton, you lost quite heavily but this time it was a much improved performance.
Dylan Campbell: Yes, we only start playing water polo this term and Clifton has played the whole year. The first time we played Clifton we hadn’t played a game yet which we got an absolute hiding and then we played Clifton again in the top 10 and lost 6-1. We sorted out a few things then and I think this afternoon game one or two things went away, it should have been a lot closer. 4-0, but it could have been4-2,4-3 is probably a better result.

HSSM: Do you think at some point you can beat Clifton?
Dylan Campbell: yes definitely! Clifton lose one or two key players at the end of this year and next year we lose nobody which makes a massive difference. The side that played here today will be the same side that will play next year, which is a massive difference.

HSSM man of the match Wyatt Edwards

HSSM'S Sazi Luke had a chat with HSSM Man of the Match Wyatt Edwards.

HSSM:  Yet another good win from Clifton today, What do you think seperates you from the rest of the other teams?
Wyatt Edwards: Defiantly our fitness, our accuracy and style of play. We have good structure, we knew what to do before the game and had it all planned out. So we did what we were told and everything went fine.

HSSM: The first two times you played Kearsney this year the score line was much bigger, do you feel you let them of the hook today?
Wyatt Edwards: I think they are a very good side,  we played them in the beginning of the season  when they were very unfit. We do pre-season so we were very fit then. They are actually not a bad side and it was quite a tight game

Check out the Photos of the Final here!


Goal Keeper Chukka 1 Chukka 2 Chukka  3 Chukka 4
Franco Conversano 3 1 1 1
Julian Lewis 1 2 0 2

Kearsney Stats

Player Names Chukka 1 Chukka 2 Chukka 3 Chukka 4
  Shots/Goals Shots/Goals Shots/Goals Shots/Goal
R.Van Der Waal   2/0   1/0
K.Landsberg     1/0  
B.Nott 2/0      
M.Reece-Edwards 1/0      
JL.Du Preez        
N.Cruze     1/0  
R.Bell   1/0    
J.Attenbrough *Cap 1/0 1/0    
D.Du Preez 1/0      
Passes/Complete 23/22 12/12 20/17 15/14
Totals Saves Passes Shots Goals Ball Possesion
  4 70/65(92%) 12 0 40.12%

Clifton stats

Player Names Chukka 1 Chukka 2 Chukka 3 Chukka 4
  Shot/Goal Shots/Goal Shots/Goal Shots/Goal
W.Edwards       1/0
B.Christie-Taylor     1/0 1/0
M.Howard 1/0 2/1 1/1  
N.Downes 1/1 1/0 1/1  
M.Brakspear 1/0     1/0
Pass/Complete 20/17 28/26 19/18 38/36
Totals Saves Passes Shots Goals Ball Possesion
  6 105/97(92.38%) 12 4 59.88%



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