On To The Business End: Clifton Day 2 wrap

Sun, 15/09/2013 - 11:19

St Stithanins and Maritzburg College broke the ice on day 2 of the Clifton Water Polo tournament A convincing 9-3 win by Saints in their second match of the tournament kept things on track for the Johannesburg school. Tournament favourite’s and winners of the St Johns water polo tournament were dealt a shock loss against Kearsney. Kearsney managed to pip saint Johns by a single goal, ending the match 2-3.

Clifton continued with their winning ways, beating the cape side Bishops 9-3. The victory insured Clifton maintain a 100% record in the group stage and secure 1st place. Another tournament favourite Reddam House, put Parktown to the sword with a 11-2 victory. Reddam end up as top of their group as well, with a 100% win record. The first draw of the tournament belongs to DHS and St Davids. The two schools scored 5 goals each but neither side could find the decider and had to split the points. Both sides were looking for their first win but had to end up with a draw the only positive result from the group stage. St Stithians played in their final game of the group against Hilton. St Stithians kept on course with a 8-5 victory and became the 3rd team to keep a 100% record in the group stage. In the final game of the group stages, St Peter gave St Johns their second loss of the tournament. The win for St Peters was enough to match group leaders Kearsney on point but had to settle for second spot because Kearsney won the head to head between the two schools.

With the group stages concluded, Bishops and St johns played the first match in the placement stage. Bishops demolished St Johns 13-1. Bishops advance further in the tournament with very little going right for St Johns in terms of results. Hilton eased to victory against Westville boys beating them 11-4.. St Davids got their first victory of the tournament, beating St Peter by a single goal,score 9-8. St Peters who looked good during the group stages were disappointed to lose by so close a margin. Jeepe beat Affies 9-6 in the 28th game of the tournament.. St Johns managed to get a win by beating Parktown 9-1. Parktown still with out a win will be looking to correct that in the final game of the tournament on Sunday. DHS got their first win of the tournament by beating Westville 5-6 in the final game of day 2 of the Clifton Water Polo Tournament. A narrow victory for DHS but it was a win that was needed.

Day 2 Results

Time Match No Team A Score Team B
8:00 18 St Stithians 9 - 3 Maritzburg College
8:45 19 St Johns 2 - 3 Kearsney
9:30 20 Clifton 9 - 3 Bishops
10:15 21 Reddam 11 - 2 Parktown
11:00 22 DHS 5 - 5 St Davids
11:45 23 St Stithians 8 - 5 Hilton
12:30 24 St Johns 2 - 4 St Peters
15:00 25 A2: Bishops 13 - 1 B3: St Johns
16:00 26 C2: Westville 4 - 11 D3: Hilton
17:00 27 A3: St Davids 9 - 8 B2: Peter's
18:00 28 C3: Affies 6 - 9 D2: Jeppe
19:00 29 L25: St Johns 9 - 1 C4: Parktown
20:00 30 L26: Westville 5 - 6 A4: DHS


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