Clifton Water Polo Tournament Day 3: Full Stats

Sat, 22/09/2012 - 23:17
  • Clifton Water Polo Tournament Day 3

Day 3 of the 8th Annual Clifton Water Polo Tournament saw games 31 through 44 in cold and windy conditions. It didn’t stop the excitement though as the fixtures led up to who would be playing in the final on Sunday.

Parktown and St. Peter’s managed their first wins of the tournament while Jeppe produced a surprise upset against Hilton. Having come through the group stage without dropping any points, Hilton were favourites to beat Jeppe but Jeppe managed an upset at the quarter-final beating Hilton 6-3 putting them in the semi-final against Reddam House. 

Clifton, although expected to go through, found a tough match against St Stithians who they only just managed to beat by a single goal from a deficit of 4-2 at half time. The rest of the quarterfinal and semi-finals went as expected to set up a final between Clifton and Reddam. Clifton are the favorites as they are playing at home, but Reddam knows the tough task at hand and will be pushing to disappoint the Clifton fans.

HSSM’s Sazi Luke caught up with Clifton coach Brad Rowe and St Stithians coach Brian Webster after the quarterfinal to get their thoughts on the game:

Clifton 1st team coach Brad Rowe

HSSM: Quite a close game, too close for comfort for you guys, what are your thoughts on the game?
Brad Rowe: We were exceptional throughout, worst game so far this half of the season.

HSSM: Did you have any feeling during the game that you would lose the game, because at a stage you were 4-2 down?
Brad Rowe: At half time I didn’t think we would come back because we couldn’t do a thing right and we couldn’t stick to the game plan, but we seemed to put it together after the break and got a lucky win.

HSSM: Thank you very much Mr Rowe.

St. Stithians 1st team coach Brian Webster

HSSM: Very disappointing to lose a game that was so close.
B.Webster: Yeah it was. The basics were good on both sides but I think our defense was better at times but again it was one of those things, we didn’t take the chances we got.

HSSM: How is the team feeling after losing such a close game?
B.Webster: No, they are fine. They know they played well, and positive. now we have to go to the next game

HSSM: Thank you Mr Webster.

Day 3 Results

Match Score Shots Saves
Game 31      
Wynberg 7 15 2
St Davids 3 8 3
Parktown 5 14 7
Westville 9 21 7
Game 33      
Clifton 5 17 6
St Stithians 4 24 4
Game 34      
St Johns 7 25 3
Kearsney 4 19 5
Game 35      
Hilton 3 14 4
Jeppe 6 16 0
Game 36      
Bishops 1 14 7
Reddam 5 21 7
Game 37      
St Albans 3 10 4
Affies 4 15 3
Game 38      
Wynberg 4 14 4
Westville 1 13 1
Game 39      
St Peters 5 13 6
DHS 4 16 1
Game 40      
St Davids 5 19 8
Parktown 8 24 4
Game 41      
Kearsney 5 12 3
St Stithians 9 23 5
Game 42      
Bishops 6 9 2
Hilton 8 13 2
Game 43      
Clifton 9 20 12
St Johns 5 27 5
Game 44      
Reddam 8 18 13
Jeppe 5 21 3

 Top Scorers so far

Name Goals Games Played School
Daniel Du Preez 15 6 Kearsney
Nick Van Der Elst 12 5 Jeppe
Cameron Wright 12 6 St Stithians
Christopher Hayles 11 5 Westville
Nicholas Downes 9 5 Clifton
Dan Trninc 9 5 St Johns
Zando Schmidt 9 6 Affies
Niel Vosloo 8 5 St Johns
Bradley Whelan 8 5 Jeppe
Anthony Mchendrie 8 6 Wynberg
Luke Hunter 8 6 St Stithians
Dayne Jagga 7 5 Clifton

Check out photos from the tournament on our Facebook page and be sure to stay tuned to our tournament page@HSSMZA, and Clifton's official hashtag for all the latest updates.

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