SA Water Polo Representatives for the 15th FINA World Champs

Tue, 04/06/2013 - 10:04
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The 15th FINA World Championships - Men and Women Water Polo competition kicks off on the July 19 and will run until the 4th of August 2013 in Barcelona (Spain).

South Africa will send their Men and Women teams to compete in this prestigious event and will be among world class water polo teams like Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Spain and more.

The South African Women’s water polo schedule will consist of tough encounters against the emerging China who recently toppled Russia and Olympic champs USA in the current Super Final World League comp in Beijing, New Zealand, and Olympic bronze medallists Australia. The girls will have to bring their A game this year as they will rub shoulders with some of the best in the world.

Womens Group:

Group B

New Zealand
South Africa

The SA Men will play their opening match against Canada. Day 2 the men will play 2012 4th place Super Final finishers USA who they’ve recently played and went down 8 – 6, although it was only an 8 man USA team. The boys will have to play their caps off against 2012 Super Final World League winners Croatia on Day 3.

The SA team will field 7 Central Gauteng polo members including the strong Le Roux brothers.  

Mens Group:

Group B:

United States
South Africa

The competition will be an immense test for our SA teams but the amount of experienced gained from this tournament will literally be priceless. All the best to our teams!

SA Womens Team

No Player Affiliate
1 Delaine Christian EPA
2 Mymoenah Gamiet WPA
3 Anke Jacobs CGA
4 Kimberley Kay WPA
5 Lee Anne Keet KZN
6 Marcelle Keet BO
7 Kimberly Kemp WPA
8 Lindsey Killeen* BO
9 Kieren Payley CGA
10 Christy Rawstron EPA
11 Megan Schooling WPA
12 Tarryn Schooling WPA
13 Kelsey White CGA
Non Travelling Reserves
1 Leigh Maarshcalk WPA
2 Thembi Mkize KZNA
3 Kim Roslee CGA
4 Megan Parkes KZNA
5 Amica Hallenforf WPA
6 Sarah Bentham WPA
  Brad Rowe Head Coach
  Ryan Weideman Coach
  Rowen Meth Manager

SA Mens Team

No Player Affiliate
1 Adam Kajee WPA
2 Ettienne Le Roux CGA
3 Ignardus Badenhorst NTS
4 Ryan Bell CGA
5 Devon Card WPA
6 Richard Downes KZN
7 Dwayne Flatscher CGA
8 Jason Kyte CGA
9 Pierre Le Roux CGA
10 Nicolas Molyneux WPA
11 Nicholas Rodda CGA
12 Donn Stewart KZN
13 Dean Whyte CGA
Non Travelling Reserves
1 Matthew Kemp WPA
2 Grant Belcher CGA
3 Jon Marc De Carvalho CGA
4 Christopher Icely CGA
5 Andrew Ridley CGA
6 Nicholas Hock WPA
7 Christopher Baker WPA
  Kevin Adrian Manager
  Brad Rowe Head Coach
  Paul Martin Coach

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