Zimbabwe Teams for the SA Schools Water Polo Tournament

Thu, 13/11/2014 - 16:38
  • Zimbabwe SA Schools Water Polo Teams
    Zimbabwe SA Schools Water Polo Teams

Boys and girls teams to represent Zimbabwe at the 2014 SA Schools #WaterPolo Tournament!

Boys Teams

No U19A U16A
1 Dylan Woodhouse William Swales
2 Murray Swannack Thomas Reid
3 Jarryd Brown Ryan Rusch
4 Federico Cescotti Brent Michelson
5 Johannes Kloppers Ross Oatley
6 Bruce Bell Ryan Housell
7 Christopher Tomlinson Travis Landing
8 Ryan Mitchell Dudley Lenton
9 Simon Stubbs Graham Shepherd
10   Timothy Smith
11 Deven Marshall Aiden Onorat
12 Chadamoyo Koscheke  
13   Riaan Scheepers

Girls Teams

No U19A U16A U15A
1 Katherine Chandler Chelsea Karimazondo Melissa Viljoen
2 Natasha Lawson Jodie Lightfoot Dhana Viljoen
3 Roxanne Shepherd Samantha Mare Taiya Dunn
4 Natasha Rusch Bry-Leigh Rosenfels Alice Cochrane
5 Kimberley Smith Kelly Stodart Megan Keefe
6 Bryony Crous Nicole herbert Jaimee Maidwell
7 Sarah Gentleman Chelsey Watson Amanda Wood
8 Savannah Stead Cameryn Davidson Hayley Smith 
9 Kelsey Hunter Rachel Jeans  
10 Tyla Walters Courtney Pritchard Ocean Smith
11 Bree Caterrall Savannah Ager Cate Bartlett
12 Nicole Wallace   Mikayla Muradzkwa
13     Emma Balneaves

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