4 Tips to Avoid Wear and Tear on Your Legs

Wed, 05/11/2014 - 15:24

Too often we see progress within a training regime halted because of niggling injuries such as tendonitis or shin splints. Both can be extremely painful and take some time to recover. Not only have we now stopped moving forward, but often regressing quickly due to the inability to continue training. Injuries such as these can be an outcome from poor recovery and Accumulative Fatigue (See article The 8-10 mins that could make all the difference to your training).

Training Surfaces

Another major cause can be the surface we choose to train on. The environment where a marathon runner is ultimately tested is the road. The testing environment for most sports is on grass or a turf. Marathon runners are extremely lean and light in body weight compared to most sports and therefore the impact they sustain through their lower limbs can be less. For those sports that are never required to run on roads, the choice to train on this surface is not often smart.

Reasons and Concerns

  • The camber on the side of a road can cause unnecessary stress on the knees.
  • The impact of body weight through the lower limbs on a road is considerably more than a sports field.
  • Running shoes are often designed to look good, or cater to the runners who are often a lot lighter in body weight.

Recommendations and Solutions:

  • Ensure that your running shoes are checked and prescribed to suit your foot type, Body Weight and the Activity you intend to do.
  • Utilize fields, Off Road Tracks and Parks to run your intervals or base conditioning.
  • Ensure that you conduct recovery at the completion of ALL training sessions (See article The 8-10 mins that could make all the difference to your training). 
  • Utilize the swimming pool for Hydro Therapy as well after all running sessions.  It will help to massage the leg muscles and aid in recovery.

Training on the road is not necessarily a bad thing. You must just ask yourself when choosing a surface to train, “Do I need to run on the road at all, or is it unnecessary wear and tear on my legs that may hinder my progress?" Now get busy and enjoy the summer weather to make great gains for sport and wellbeing!

Wayne Taylor "Tails"
Tails Tips

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