6 Ways Preparation and Planning Will Increase Training Intensity and Recovery

Thu, 23/10/2014 - 15:49

When it comes to preparation for training or performance, prior planning and preparation is key.

The aim is always to be as close to 100% as possible leading in to every session in order to maximise gains and performance (See the article “The main reason you’re not getting the most out of your training”). Being well prepared not only ensures that you are nutritionally well fuelled to perform, but it also gives confidence that you have everything sorted.

you are an athlete that is always fuelling and recovering the body

On game/competition day, a lack of personal preparation can seriously compromise performance due to increased anxiety and last minute efforts to sort what should have been done well before. Some key areas and tips I refer to are listed below.

6 Key Tips

  • Never plan your day on the day. Plan the night before and put necessary steps in place to ensure it happens.
  • Look at your schedule for the day and pre-pack your cooler box with the Fuel (Nutrition) you need. Remember, you are an athlete that is always fuelling and recovering the body.
  • Pre-Pack your training bag so you know you have all you need.
  • Pre-set alarms not only for wake up, but also for critical Nutritional Timings during the day, to ensure you are fuelled for your session/performance.
  • Kick start your hydration as soon as you wake. You will be dehydrated when you wake and therefore need to get on top of it quickly. When you go to the toilet always check the colour of your urine. An easy test is to always be “Peeing Champagne”, just off clear with bubbles, throughout the whole day.
  • Allow time in your schedule for travel, sports strapping if required, stretching, etc, prior to the start of your warm up routine. All these things assist to reduce anxiety and to enable you to maintain a relaxed and focussed mindset.

With modern technology, it is easy to input key dates and timings into your iPhone or tablet. Be well prepared and see how the intensity of your training improves and your anxiety levels reduce. Planning is key!

In creating performance, the funny thing about little things is there are no little things!

Wayne Taylor "Tails"
Tails Tips

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