The 8-10 Minutes That Could Make All the Difference to Your Training

Mon, 27/10/2014 - 13:27

Most of the parents and coaches amongst us will remember sports training many moons ago. It generally consisted of a Warm Up – Training – Warm/Cool Down. Now we have all become so busy trying to achieve as much as possible within a limited training time before we dive into our cars and get to our next destination. Therefore some very basic but essential recovery tools have been seriously neglected!

The basic aim of recovery is to maximise the gains from a session and minimise the effect on the next session. This is often referred to as “Accumulative Fatigue”, as one session affects the next! Any fatigue that still exists from previous training will snowball into your next session. This is often why Athletes are not making the gains they are pushing for and teams have deteriorated performance from weeks of training as each week snowballs into the next during competition.

Below are a few basics to reintroduce back into your team or training environment now:

Basics That Make a Difference

Conduct 8-10 mins of active recovery - Low intensity walking or cycling etc to ensure that blood continues to flow through the muscles removing waste products and delivering nutrients to the muscles. The intensity needs to be low to avoid creating further waste products from building up.

Rehydration – Take your water bottle with you on your walk. For all Athletes the aim is to be always "peeing champagne” (See article when it comes to preparation for training or performance, prior preparation and planning is key).

Have a snack – eat a piece of fruit.

All three of the above mentioned recovery strategies are very simple but make a big difference. They should all be completed within 30 mins of completing training. Coaches can walk down their players, debrief the session, whilst they are flushing, rehydrating and refuelling at the same time.

Implement the above strategies now. Make them a habit and we will add further Recovery Strategies to your toolbox over the coming week. (See article - The main reason youre not getting the most out of your training)
Train Hard, then recover even harder! Sure the body will naturally recover, however we want to accelerate this process.

Wayne Taylor "Tails"
Tails Tips

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