There Are No Short Cuts to Anywhere worth Going

Thu, 09/10/2014 - 06:52

Quick to Ripen, Quick to Rot

There are no short cuts or “Quick Fixes” to creating sustainable performance. Building a successful Athlete that is able to perform at their “Maximal Potential” is no different to building your dream house. If you are in a hurry, take short cuts, follow fads, and don’t lay down solid foundations, then it will crumble and you will be back at the start again. However this time it becomes more technical and expensive as you need real expertise to help fix the problems. 

ensure that performance is sustainable

Although our main focus is often on improving performance, it is as important to ensure that performance is sustainable. There is always a correlation between the best prepared and fittest athletes in your squad, and the time they spend on the field, court, track, or turf. They tend to have less injuries and are able to sustain performance. Remember, creating a successful athlete and maximising potential is a 24/7 commitment.

 You Can't Build Your Dream House on a Sand Hill

There is a huge difference between creating a body that looks good, and creating a body for performance. In the coming articles I will start to give a better understanding of implementing movement patterns and training the movement, not the muscle. When movement patterns are performed correctly, muscles will grow and develop within that pattern, therefore giving a solid base to increase performance.

when seeking advice, ensure it is sport specific, and not Body Building orientated

I have had athletes with ripped abs that look fantastic on the beach, however they struggle in many movements such as “planking” or “squatting” correctly to stabilize their pelvis and spine. Therefore when seeking advice, ensure it is sport specific, and not Body Building orientated. Body Building is a whole separate entity that requires a massive amount of commitment and discipline, however it has very little carry over to the sports arena!

Train the Movement Not the Muscle

There are many products and fads in the marketplace that are targeted toward increasing Performance, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Short Cuts. Always remember that you are an Athlete first! With the right nutritional plan, training, and recovery, you can maximise your potential. In the coming articles I will touch on creating a “Needs Analysis” of what you need to do and how to make a plan to achieve it. Commit and Trust the process, the results will take care of themselves.

Hard Work + Sound Recovery = Optimal Performance


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