2014 Glenwood Photonote Toshiba Sevens Rugby Tournament

Saturday, September 6, 2014 to Sunday, September 7, 2014
Participating Teams
Clifton College
Die Anker
Durban High School(DHS)
Ethekwini Rugby Development
George Campbell
Glenwood High School
Hillcrest High School
Hilton College
Kloof High
Lowveld School
Maritzburg College
Northwood School
Pioneer School
Port Natal
Port Shepstone
Sarel Cilliers High School
St Benedicts
St Charles
Westville Boys High

Rules and regulations:

  • 7-a-side variations of the rules apply.
  • Teams consist of a 12 players per game (7 players & 3 reserves and 2 non-playing reserves).
  • The toss takes place at half time of the preceding game at the referee’s tent.
  • Rolling substitutions are permitted but only from the halfway mark and through the field liaison.
  • Games are 7 minutes per side with a 2 minute half time break and then 4 minutes time between games.  In other words for each slot of 20 minutes it is made up of 7 min, 2 min, 7 min & then 4 minutes.
  • Any player receiving a yellow card must leave the playing field for a period of two minutes.
  • Any player receiving a red card is suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  • Points are allocated for a win and draw in pool games. On conclusion of the pool games teams are placed 1 – 4 according to points. If points are equal after pool games the following format is used to decide the placing:

-          points difference, if still equal

-          the team scoring the most tries, if still equal

-          the team who scored the first try in the match between the teams on the same number of points, if still equal then the winner is decided by the toss of a coin.

  • In the quarter finals, semi-finals and finals, if the score is level after normal time then 3 minutes extra time is played.  The first team to score any points is then declared the winner (sudden death). If after extra time the teams are still level then the team that scored the first try in the final is declared the winner. If still level then the team that scored the most tries in the tournament is declared the winner. If still level then the trophy is shared.
  • Only the Cup Final is 10 minutes each way. ALL other finals are 7 minutes each way.

There will be a trophy for each Winner of the Cup, Plate, Shield and Bowl Division plus medals to take home. Trophies must remain at Glenwood. We will record and engrave your victory.

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Tournament Fixtures

6 September: BASSONS
Time Team Score Team
7:30 Hillcrest   -   KZN Development
7:50 Sarel Cilliers   -   Hilton
8:10 Maritzburg   -   Clifton
8:30 Westville   -   Midlands Dev
8:50 DHS   -   Hillcrest
9:10 Northwood   -   Glenwood falcons
9:30 Michaelhouse   -   Kloof
9:50 Glenwood   -   St Benedicts
10:10 Northwood   -   Port Natal
10:30 Poinier   -   Midlands Dev
10:50 Maritzburg   -   Hillcrest
11:10 Westville   -   Hilton
11:30 George Campbell   -   St Bendicts
11:50 Pionier   -   Sarel Cilliers
12:10 Clifton   -   Hillcrest
12:30 Port Shepstone   -   St Charles
12:50 Port Natal   -   Glenwood Falcons
13:10 Westville   -   Pionier
13:30 Port Shepstone   -   St Benedicts
13:50 Clifton   -   KZN Dev
14:10 B5   -   C5
14:30 B4   -   C4
14:50 B3   -   C3
15:10 A2   -   D2
15;50 B1   -   C1
16:10     -    
16:30     -    
16:50     -    
6 September: Dixons
Time Team Score Team
7:30 St Charles   -   St Benedicts
7:50 Glenwood Falcons   -   Kloof
8:10 Glenwood   -   Port Shepstone
8:30 Michealhouse   -   Port Natal
8:50 George Campbell   -   St Charles
9:10 Pionier   -   Hilton
9:30 Maritzburg   -   KZN Development
9:50 Westville   -   Sarel Cilliers
10:10 DHS   -   Clifton
10:30 Geroge Campbell   -   Port Shepstone
10:50 Glenwood   -   St Charles
11:10 Michaelhouse   -   Glenwood Falcons
11:30 DHS   -   KZN Develoment
11:50 Northwood   -   Kloof
12:10 Midlands Development   -   Hilton
12:30 Maritzburg   -   DHS
12:50 Michealhouse   -   Northwood
13:10 Glenwood   -   George Campbell
13:30 Midlands Development   -   Sarel Cilliers
13:50 Port Natal   -   Kloof
14:10 A5   -   D5
14:30 A4   -   D4
14:50 A3   -   D3
15:10 B2   -   C2
15:50 W A4/D4   -   W B4/V4
16:10 W A3/D3   -   W B3/C3
16:30 W A2/D2   -   W B2/C2
16:50 W A1/D1   -   W B1/C1